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Well I finally finished reading all the posts since I've been so out of it. So here goes

Cher - How's the decluttering going? It is so nice of you to do that for ddil.
- How'd the christening go?
- I so understand about being overwhelmed. It is so difficult sometimes around here when dh seems to have no desire to help and there is so much to do. Wish we could help sometimes and say what's on our minds without issues but that can cause probs as well.
-Ref your ds's house, I'm like you at dd1's house I just jump in and do what needs to be done - her mil doesn't do much except talk about it. I either do it right or they can re-do behind me but at least I help.
- Did you ahve your talk with your ddil? - how'd it go
- I'm like you, I'd rather have a plan than not - right now we're down to 1 vehicle because dh's truck is in the shop & may not be out until next week. He's like just don't worry about it we'll figure it out - I'm like, I'll make a few calls and find someone to cover for me, just in case.
- A catering business would be cool and give you and ddil something to share too
- *you have to tell me more about the vinegar and dish liquid weed spray. I need some new ideas since I've done some work in the yard.
-I hope you enjoy your vacation. After having the girlies for the day on Sunday of last week and then spend the night on Tuesday and here again on Saturday I fully understand what my grandmother used to say (and you said) 'God knew what he was doing when he gave children to the young' LOL

Joy - Did you ever find your ring? Mine was lost several years ago - you might check with your homeowners insurance and see if it is covered. It can't hurt. I know it won't be the one you had that has so many wonderful memories but still it might be a replacement.

Patricia - Way to go with the grades, studying AND sitting in for the teacher - how cool is that?
- Sorry dh's mother is so difficult - sounds like she is a controlling type - love those (not)
- Horrible story about Cohen's birth - wish the new baby's was easier but glad he's good - 8lbs, 6 oz a nice size.

Kramomma - How is your friend?
- How'd dh's meeting go? Good I hope.
- Cool idea using plastic knives for veggie markers

Melissa - glad you got a break
- boy that Aunt Cindy is a trick - Her surgery should be tomorrow - maybe it will make her feel better about herself and she will be nicer and more considerate of others when she gets back. Just have to ask - does she really NEED a tummy tuck or is it because she's not wanting to do the work to lose the weight herself?
- Glad yesterday is over for all of us - wish it meant that you have a few months of ease but at least you're not working 12 hour days now.

Paula - Glad you had a good time with your friend. We all deserve days like that.
- So sorry to hear about your step-grandfather - I know you said you weren't close but still...
- Yeah for finishing the playset - we need to get one for the grands here.
- Sorry you got sick - hope you're feeling better today
- Yeah for Ezra for getting free classes

Misti - sorry the craft space is smaller but sometimes that can help us to know what we really use vs what we think we use
- yeah for getting rid of the 3 boxes - it was quite liberating for me to get rid of stuff I didn't need

Christi - Hope the babies are better
- sorry you didn't get to go on your MN trip - sometimes a staycation is just as good

Janeen - WOO HOO for the new nephew
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