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Originally Posted by RiverIsis View Post
Who is the email from? Seriously. If there is a problem with the measurements they are responsible for that. If the email is from a customer service agent/manager then the next email needs to go higher up the chain of command. Sounds like someone is covering their shoddy work to me. Doesn't put me off the tool completely but it annoys me that they think it is "good enough" when it is such a simple fix and should have been thoroughly investigated.

Sounds to me they think if they repeat a lie enough people will believe it is the truth.
Originally Posted by TLady View Post
If people are BUYING the tool, IT IS "GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!"
And, unfortunately, this. If people accept the product with the incorrect measurements, and it looks like they are, then WRMK isn't going to be inspired to correct anything. They've already had to admit that they screwed up the measurements once, and I bet they're fighting tooth and nail to keep from having to admit they screwed up the measurements a second time. It'd mean, at minimum, making a second sticker available.

Does anyone know if new boards are going to have the measurements on the sticker (which aren't all correct, but have more correct measurements than the current board)? Or is WRMK simply going to make the sticker available to everyone and not bother correcting the board?

WRMK might be surprised to read this thread and find out that we crafters do, indeed, know the proper size for an A2 envelope, and that we rather easily calculated a fix that they say isn't possible.

ETA 7/19: I did buy a board back when they needed stickers. The sticker is fine, I use Bugga's measurements for A2 envelopes, and all's good. It's a great board and I can't wait to get my hands on the new box, bag, and candybox boards.
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