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It was a bit stressful this morning. Corey got kicked out of the house. I really, really wish he had not been so mean and could have stayed inside with his brother.

Just to show how stir-crazy Corey was getting -- this morning I cleaned out their cage including the litter box and then put it back in along with the food and clean water. A little bit after they ate, I heard one of the kitties in the litter box. Next thing you know, Corey is batting something around the cage. Turns out he took a little piece of "poo" and was batting it around like a toy!!!! Ewwwwww. . . So I cleaned that out and tossed it. Next thing I know, he's at the litter box getting another piece of poo out to play with! That's when I decided he was going outside. It's no wonder the cage is always such a mess.

It was a struggle though. I took Casper and put him in a carrier. Then cleaned everything out of the cage including the tray. Then put on gloves and got a towel to wrap around him. Well, when I'd go for him, he latched onto the bars of the cage and wouldn't let go!!!!!!!! LOL! It was kind of funny too. Finally decided that wasn't going to work, so I dragged the cage through the computer room and through the kitchen over to the dining room door to the back yard where I want him to be. I opened the back door and dragged the cage over to the open door and he wouldn't go out!!!!! I had to kind of coax him forward until he was almost at the opening and then kind of tilt it up so he'd go out. Whew!

His mamma was the first one to approach him and they just sat and glared at each other and then he took off to the back corner of the yard. Missy ran over there and I was afraid she might chase him off, so I went outside and called her a few times until she backed off and came over to me. Corey hid behind the cat/dog house for a little while. A couple of the other cats had to go over that way and see what was going on. He made it into the cat/dog house and that's where he was when I left for work. I put a bowl of food outside the house and filled up the other cats' bowls so they wouldn't have to fight for food.

I decided on today because the weather is supposed to be really nice and get up to 80*. The next couple nights it's supposed to cool down again into the low 40's probably and this weekend we're supposed to get rain. I want him established back in the yard before any more bad weather comes along. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for him that all will go well.

Casper is back in the cage for now. He'll be in there until after he comes home from the vet and getting declawed on Thursday. He'll have to have a special litter box for a few days after his surgery so I want to be able to keep the other cats away from him and his box.

Sorry for the long story, but that's what's going on around here.
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