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Originally Posted by mrslaird View Post
I might reread It's All Too Much and light that fire again. I think as far as decision-making, it would be easier to decide on a reasonable number of whatever and then choose favorites instead of choosing least favorites/undesirables. The problem with that is it involves dragging everything out to see at once and that requires time and space I rarely have.

I am decluttering as I do laundry. If it's stained, torn, stretched out, etc, I just chunk it. If it doesn't fit I put it in the donate pile or the box for Ezra to grow into.

Anyway, just need to get back to focusing on it. It's been very event-centric here the past 5 weeks with birthdays and holidays and weddings. Plus we were sick a lot. So I need to shake off that "what's coming up next" mentality and focus on daily progress.

As for things I can do in 5 min:
Unload the dishwasher
Clean out the sink
Start a load of laundry
Swish and swipe the front bathroom
Pick up in the hallway
Vacuum (if the floor is clear of debris)
Sweep (same)
Fill the Berkey
A clorox wipe's worth of wiping

10 min:
Fold a load of clothes
Make enough space to stamp on my table
Clear a kitchen counter
Swish and swipe my bathroom

15 min:
Pick up enough to vacuum
Or sweep
Declutter a drawer or box or small stack
Edit a few photos

I declutter laundry like you is the easiest.

Something I just thought of...those of ya that hate putting away clean laundry, ya hate it cuz you ain't got no place for it...or it's a struggle to get it put away. Chances are...the stuff in the drawers are not "favorites" or been worn or something like that...or else, they'd be in the laundry. Maybe ya just don't rotate all the many shirts / whatever you have...then you have too many. They need to fit in the home. Pick your favorites & bless someone else with the rest.

(not aimed at mrslaird, just something I remembered several of ya chatting about last month.)

I used to feel that way...then I realized that the boy's shirt drawer had too many shirts / sweatshirts / whatever. Once I got the excess school shirts rotated to "ever-day"...ya know...i never realized that was not a word until I tried to label the boy's drawers when he was a tot......anyway. Once I rotated the excess school tshirts to "ever-day" and tossed the more stained worked out better.

Maybe dump a drawer and have the child choose their favorites. Make it a game? IDK. They like to make a mess. Just a thought. IDK.
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