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Originally Posted by Joan7356 View Post

I love checking in here and my PMs to see more peeps joining.

When you can, please check post #1 and make sure I have you in the right group as to your mailing preference. Group 1 wants US mailing only and Group 2 is for mailing to the US, Canada, or overseas.

Also... I am going to answer a few questions I have received so far. I want everyone on the same page.

1. Do I only have to spend $20?
You are required to spend a minimum of $20 on items requested on the completed survey in paper crafting items. Most spend more, but $20 is the requirement. Gum, candles, candy, snacks, lotion, altered item are all above the $20 requirement.

2. Can these be Dollar Store items if I feel they are like what is being requested by my SS?
No, the survey is for a reason and your assigned sister has completed it in detail. Dollar Store items are not acceptable and your interpretation of a like stamp set or paper is more than likely not what she is wanting. For example, if your SS requested MFT cardstock in white, buying Dollar Store white cardstock is not what she is looking for. Also, the reason I have included online stores and local stores is that most have access to JoAnn's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby.

3. What sort of value do I put on opened packages?
I suggest you Google the cost of an unopened package. If you are sending half of the package, then half of the cost of said item.

4. What if I don't want to go by the survey completed by my assigned SS?
As much as I hate to say it, then, this more than likely is not the swap for you.

5. Do I have to complete the entire survey? It is long!
I can't make any of you complete it in its entirety. However, I can say, the more detail you give, the more positive and better experience you will have with SS swaps. You also have until Friday, March 8 to complete your survey. Copy and paste the survey to a new post and work on it little by little.

6. I have not had a good experience in the past with SS Swaps.
PM as to why and I can address it. I want this to be a positive experience for all of us and so you will return in the future.

Have a GREAT day!
i was reluctant to join this swap but after seeing these questions and your answer, I will join. count me in for US only
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