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Default FINISHED-ALL Received-1 Flaker -May Day! May Day! Secret Sister Swap

May Day! May Day!
No, there isnít an emergency!
Read on to find out the importance of May Day to this swap.

Sign-Up Deadline: Midnight - Friday, March 8
Secret Sisters will be assigned by Friday, March 15
That will allow 6-weeks for you to have your package postal.

This is a Secret Sister Swap and here are the specifics:

1. What is required?
  • This is a 1:1 swap with a $20 minimum paper crafting spending limit.
  • If you choose to spend more, that is your choice, but not required.
  • The $20 minimum does not include the cost to ship to your SS and does not include shipping costs you incur if placing an order online.
  • The $20 minimum spending limit is for your SSís paper crafting interests.
  • Other items you may want to include in their package (candy, candle, lotion, etc.) are beyond the $20.
2. How to sign up?
  • Sign up by indicating your interest on the thread and then PM me (Joan7356) your mailing address.
  • I must have this information by the closing date of this swap for you to be included.
3. Mailing Deadline: May Day -- May 1, 2013
  • Be sure to include a card/tag indicating your name/Splitcoast username so your SS knows who to thank.
  • There is plenty of time to get your package in the mail by this date.
  • A DC # is required.
  • Send it to me as I plan to update post #1 with this information.
  • Again, the mail date is May 1, 2013 not the receipt by your SS.
4. Stay connected!
  • Check in on this thread a minimum of 1x/week with a simple hello or chat daily.
  • I will be tracking your presence.
5. Complete the survey in post #2.
  • Once completed PM me the post # of your survey.
  • I will then indicate in post #1 which post includes your survey for future reference.
  • When the thread is closed, do not make changes to your survey. Some people begin shopping immediately upon receipt of their SS's name.
6. I wish, I wish, I wish...
  • As you complete the survey, you will see that I have requested online stores and local stores. Some people prefer not to shop online and therefore when listing items you would love to receive, be sure to list those from the local shops, too.
  • We have all been in SS swaps where we receive items we wonít use or requested not to receive. Please fill out your survey in detail so as not to leave any doubts to your wishes.
7. What to send?
  • The more detail you provide, the better the experience.
  • It should go without saying do not send items that your assigned SS does not want.
  • Please send only new, unopened packages unless your SS has indicated she is willing to accept such.
8. Thank you!
  • Upon receipt of your SS package, post a thank you. She spent time and put much thought in your surprise package. Plus, we all love hearing about what you received!
If you can't commit and fulfill these obligations, please do not sign up.

Just wanted to post this info as stated by the moderators of Splitcoast for your info:

Since Secret Sister swaps are typically swaps done one-on-one, each sister is treated as a kind of hostess. We have the "main" hostess who gathers all the info and distributes the names and info. But, the sisters are ultimately responsible for sending their goodies.

That being the case, please note that Secret Sister swaps are treated by the moderators just a bit differently than most swaps. The following rule applies to all participating Secret Sister swappers:

Hostesses that fail to return swaps will be banned from the entire Splitcoaststampers site.

In other words, each person participating in the secret sister swaps is considered a hostess. Failing to uphold your end of a secret sister swap is considered stealing (and ultimately mail fraud if the postal system is used) and will not be tolerated.

By posting this, we don't mean to ruin the fun of Secret Sister swaps. We just want all participants to be aware that giving is just as fun as receiving and getting gypped just plain sucks. Please consider this when signing up to participate in a secret sister swap.

9. Mailing Preference:
  • There will be two groups -- one for US mailing only and the other for US/Canada/overseas mailing.
  • Let me know your preference when you sign up.
10. Questions?
  • PM me if you need more information from you SS, or
  • If you have questions specific to how this swap works, or
  • You have had the same SS for several swaps and would like to make sure you have someone new
All are welcome to play! Letís have some fun!

Group 1 - US only
1. CherryLime (#34)
2. Rositagustafson72 (#193)
3. ashjoy (#7)
4. gramak8e (#114)
5. Trish Rego (#17)
6. pamper1 (#26) Received 4.1.13
7. SBinGA (#22)
8. ktfabian2 (#23)
9. Ldyglfr62 (#42)
10. Scraphappily (#38 )
11. fastmommie (#69)
12. scrapfancy (#72)
13. Dezre (#80) in the Caribbean retuning 5.14 - DC shows receipt
14. Vickie Y (#62)
15. wgldsc (#43)
16. grateful2besaved (#118 )
17. 1855ward (#51)
18. Jabauer (#54)
19. stamp4funwithme (#66) DC shows delivery - no thanks yet posted
20. morgainegeiser (#159)
21. sheloaha (#61)
22. Lazorkay (#153)
23. Quilling_Queen (#64)
24. sek111sbc (#67) DC shows delivery - Sande is without access to SCS
25. sheng (#95)
26. Lovestamper (#82)
27. adolsak (#154) received 4.6.13
28. Darlenah710 (#131)
29. sbs81 (#125)
30. goodnuff (#130)
31. misswitch Received 3.30.31
32. ME (#158 ) Received 3.20.12
33. jejenc (#172)
34. SayStampsPlease
35. CherryLime (spot #2) (#34)
36. babygoofus (#247) Received 3.23.12
37. stamp4funwithme (spot #2) (#66) - DC indicates receipt - no thanks posted
38. SkyNacho (#259)

Group 2 - US/Canada/Overseas
1. Rositagustafson72 (#193)
2. jkstampin (#27)
3. NYTripletMommy (#28 )
4. Ali1974 (#18 )
5. Stamperamma (#33)
6. jn_leger (#46)
7. Angie1974 (#48 )
8. josh's mommy (#139)
9. josh's mommy (spot #2) (#139)
10. Stamperamma (spot #2) (#33)
aka Joan7356

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