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Originally Posted by JBgreendawn View Post
part of the problem is... Alice came by work on what maybe tuesday? bearing Valentines day gifts. now, she walks in and says how are you which I happen to be very busy so I say busy. so she says she is busy and stays for an hour complaining about ( the usual ) but, as broke as she is she finds a way to go to medford and buy printed papers and little bumpy bling things ( not pearls forgot the name) like glitter bumps. so, you know. she never has a nice thing to say ever. I know her life is not so great and I try to listen. but, its getting harder and harder she says things that dont make any sense to me ( money things or contract things or things I know to be not true ) and they make me wonder about her memory.
so, I figure I am in the free and clear for a while ( due for a break of not seeing her for a while)
I have had so many trips to the hospital between other things and during the work day this week.
I have time set to go here go there run run run right?
and I have not seen my mil or taken her to lunch for maybe since last sept. when I took her to medford to a baby shower...

so Alice shows up at my office today while I have my mil out to lunch. ( she was sick during christmas and through the beginning of January and did not leave her house) Alice shows up and demands to know where I am, which June who does not know I try to tell Alice as little about my life as possible because ( a she is not to be trusted, and does not need to know because she has hurt me with things I have told her before and I keep her at as big of a distance as possible ) says Oh her and Dianne have gone out to lunch.

lucky me I bring us back while she is still there, she has her nose in a phone book and then starts talking to my husband and ignores me which is fine because, I have to go back to the CPA's with a flash drive of the company books because the stupid dvd does not work. and I have to get him bank routing numbers and such... so I have to go to the bank and since I figure Alice is demanding my husband make more junk for her's she is not there to see me and I leave. I have to be back at the hospital. I dont have time to listen to her today right.

and when I finally get back to work and June says Alice says tell her thanks for the hug and stalks out. so I guess June told her I could use a hug too... but, as usually she is only about her self.

(((Stacy))) I think you are really in a unique position that kinda puts you between a rock and a hard place.
She really does sound like a person who is toxic to you, but you are such a kind person that you don't want to hurt her.
I think you are very wise to not take her with you to Medford & avoid lunches with her. I think you have to be polite & civil, but don't need to go out of your way to be BFFs.
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