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Originally Posted by lylacfey View Post
I "scratched" the Fantastix clean between color changes. I know I will toss my Fantastix in time because I am sure the nib is going to wear down. I don't think they can be sharpened like a tortillion. My Fantastix is still in good shape.

I used this tutorial- Using Fantastix with OMS and colored pencils - YouTube

I use baby oil too. I do have asthma so when I started working with OMS I went the baby oil route. My DH paints in oil. He uses OMS with his oil paints. I "stole" some of his OMS. It did not trigger my asthma. I really loved working with it. Personally for me I felt it blended better than baby oil.

Tortillions can be filed down using fine sandpaper. You will want the quality that is found in the drafting supplies. It's less abrasive. A lot of times you can get tortillions in a pack with the sandpaper. This way you can feel the grit of the sandpaper to know what kind to get when you run out. Then you can go to the hardware store and pick up sandpaper cheaper. Sandpaper from the drafting department of your local hobby stores is economical too. You can also use carpet to file down your tortillions. I use fine sandpaper. I gently twist the tortillion against the sandpaper.

Also look into blending stumps. Blending stumps are like tortillions. Tortillions are hollow on the end and stumps are pointed on both ends. Stumps are tighter wrapped. Both tortillions and stumps will give you different texturing. That's why I use a variety of different tools with Gamsol because I am going for texture.

You can also make your own tortillions too. Blank newspaper print makes the best tortillions. A lot of artists use plain printer paper. Lots of good tutorials on Google and You Tube.

Blending stumps are usually made in a softer paper. Sometimes you can find them in high quality leather or felt.
Well not sure if Baby Oil will work for me but bought some and will try it, I understand not to put too much on the tip from what Ive read here. My pencils arent water color but everyone raved about them too. Wal-Mart special LoL, Crazy-Z-Art I think was the name. Thanks for the youtube link Ill take a look at it. Im gathering tools right now so I havent even tried the things Ive picked up to know what they will do. When I try them, I guess then is when Ill have more questions. I know I tried coloring just with the pencils and it looked like an image I use to color with crayons, yuck. Only good thing was I stayed inside the lines LOL. Thanks for your help and the youtube link I have to tell you this was my first post here, wasnt sure how it worked. After I did it I thought to myself, now how am I going to find it and answer if anyone puts feedback in. Then, I got an email, and waulah, so thats how it works, yeah I did it. Dont know the bump thing or what thats for but I guess one step at a time. Its hard being new to everything. Take care.
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