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Good morning!

I have been really tempted by the Tim Holtz magnetic dies, but have no idea how they work so have not tried them. I do have some of his regular dies though.

Well, yesterday was a long day. On the road shortly after 4 a.m. Long registering process and computerized questionnaire for Ivy to fill out too. It involved home/family life, school, friend, activity, pain, etc. questions. In addition to other things, I think they were trying to determine if this was affecting the patient's self esteem. I had to laugh because one of the questions asked your ethnicity and Ivy chose "Other". I said, "Wait a minute, go back. You are Caucasion!" Since Caucasion/White wasn't the choice, she marked Other. LOL "Mom, we don't talk about that at school. We just talk about African American. I thought Caucasion was Hawaiian." Good grief...we had to tease her about that!

I'm not so sure what I think about the outcome. She has a 43 degree curve, affecting 17 vertebrae. He thinks she is done growing, so is not going to put her in a brace at this time. He wants her to do yoga to strengthen her core, and see her again in 6 months. Because she has a strange curve, he is "worried" that it may progress even though she is supposedly done growing. We are to come back if she has increased pain or new problems. Of course, pain will be an issue; this will likely increase with age. The only way to fix the problem is to have the surgery which entails 5-7 days in the hospital and 6 months of recovery including no PE or sports. The part I have problems with is that he told her she is "driving the bus", meaning it is her choice. I agree that she needs to have a huge say in how this is treated, but at age 14 she is not equipped to make a mature decision. This is the girl who is afraid of an injection! She will do just about anything to avoid a Dr. because of this...including not telling us she has been having pain for the past year. Of course, she doesn't want to do yoga either because that is for "old people". I told her I would buy her a DVD and a mat and she could do it in her room; we could light a candle and play soothing music. Her friend Super Sue and her Grandma offered to go with her so she may be changing her mind about a class.

I told the Dr. that I didn't understand how this could have been missed at her physicals, that I was a bit angry that it had, and I had no clue that I needed to check her back. He told me that as her parent I shouldn't have had to do this. The tough thing is that I didn't know what I didn't know. Now I do and it's too late. So, please ladies, check your young ones' backs...girls, and boys too. The most crucial time for girls is 12-18 months after they start their menses. (Ivy was 10, so has this been worsening for the past 4 years?) Also they think this is genetic, although neither I nor her Dad know of any scoliosis in our families.

This has been a very emotional and exhausting time...I havn't slept well for the past 3 weeks. Just hoping to resume some sense of normalcy here while waiting for the next appt.

Sorry to have written a book ladies....

Hope everybody has a good day.

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