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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
Ughhhhhhhhhhhh sounds like a law office.
It's ok. I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's just freaking me out, man...

Seriously, I've spent the last 17-18 years working on various campuses outside of downtown where they exiled all the business and technical analysts and straight-up tech folks. I think I've been business casual since 1997 or so. It's interesting to me because it really is a different culture--it's all the people who analyze problems, fix things and design improvements. So it's a lot of people who care very profoundly about getting things done right but for the most part could give a hoot about image and I guess it's a line of work that attracts a lot of irreverent smart-arses. I guess kind of a work hard, joke hard environment.

So it's just been a big culture shock to start working in this skyscraper full of people who walk through yacking as loud as they want because I think we really don't register in their minds any more than a bank of elevators, and who are clearly very image oriented and much more formal. Plus when they moved us out, there wasn't space in the new area for all of us to sit together. I sit next to my manager (actually right in front of him--I was typing him an e-mail yesterday and he IM'd me 'I see you're typing up an e-mail to me,' if that gives you any idea of normal operating procedure, LOL), but we've gone from being able to walk down to someone's cube to show them something to having to book a conference room so we don't disturb the folks from the other area.

It's kind of fascinating because it's so different but it's also really weird when you're used to a much more informal, git-r-done atmosphere.
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