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Default ***Postal*** PAT 25 Swap due 5-16-13***

***New & Open*** PAT 25 Swap due 5-16-13***

Our Anniversay Edition - 25 Rounds of PAT Cards! Check below for a special category this round.

Pick-a-Theme is grouped, each group consists of five members. When you sign up for a spot in a group, you pick your theme. You will then make a card for each of the four other members of your group in their chosen themes and in return, they will each make a card for you in your chosen theme.

1. All cards MUST be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Thatís a hard and fast rule of ATCís.

2. There must be at least two layers of heavy card stock or watercolor paper.

3. No vender requirements. No technique requirements. Use at least one embellishment. And, of course, do your best work. PAT swappers tend to make some of the best cards out there.

4. Each card must be unique. You can not make the same card for two different people even if the themes are similar.

5. Regarding handwriting on cards: Unless you are a calligrapher or skilled at drawing fonts, if you donít have a stamp that meets your need for text, a computer generated phrase or a word or phrase cut from a magazine or DP is generally preferable to handwriting on an ATC.

6 . Please sign your cards! People like to know who to compliment and thank! At a minimum, please include the Group # and Theme, and your SCS Name on the back of the card. Any other information you would like to include is also welcome.

7. You will be placed in groups on a first come first serve basis and I will do my best to accomodate your requests for groups.


Due: May 16th, 2013.

Please Note: Each swap position has an individually selected theme, so in this type of swap there are NO ANGELS and NO SUBSTITUTIONS so please keep that in mind when you sign up. FLAKERS will be reported to moderators and will not be welcome in further swaps. Newcomers are EXTREMELY welcome however I ask that they only sign up for a maximum of 2 spots for their first time around. Be fair to your fellow swappers, mail on time and if real life happens, please let me know ASAP.

***In the event of a flaker situation, the hostess will swap out cards intended for the missing player. You might receive a card that wasn't your chosen topic, but you will receive your full allotment of cards for each spot you take.***

Mailing: Please send your cards in a baggie and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for cards to be returned to you. The amount of postage on your SASE should be at least the same amount that it takes to mail your cards to me and you need to use US postage stamps. NO meter strips or Click N Ship labels, and NO foreign postage please.

Include additional postage in case the cards coming back to you are heavier than the ones you send to me. Extra postage will be returned if not used. Canadian and non-USA participants may include US currency in lieu of postage.

PM me for the mailing address when you are ready to send. Have fun!

I will add more groups as necessary.

Group #1 FULL

1. lakelivin - London
2. CandyHaz - butterflies
3. PookieStats - Anything from Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire
4. LabradorDork - How's the weather?
5. prairiejen - No David by David Shannon (kids book)

Group #2 FULL

1. lakelivin - We'll Always Have Paris
2. Jabauer - Boy Scout Eagle Scout
3. SybilMcC - Mountain cabin
4. kimizzle - Chicago Bears
5. PookieStats - Mythilogical Monsters

Group #3 FULL

1. lakelivin - The Brits are Coming!
2. parknslide - Downton Abbey
3. LabradorDork - New York
4. prairiejen - Beaker (muppet)
5. BonnieBeth - Because I said so!

Group #4 FULL

1. lakelivin - Tea Time
2. Jabauer - Nurse Humor
3. KOneill - Shabby Chic
4. bean88 - Nancy Drew
5. Suji - Happiness

Group #5 VINTAGE #1 FULL

1. Jabauer - Vintage Boy Scout
2. SybilMcC - vintage botanicals
3. LabradorDork - Vintage Carnival
4. SanuraScraps - shabby chic ladies
5. Cloudia - Vintage birds

Group #6 VINTAGE #2 FULL

1. SybilMcC - vintage angels
2. kimizzle - Vintage Summertime
3. KOneill - Vintage Medicine
4. CandyHaz - Vintage Valentines
5. lakelivin - Vintage Cowgirls

Group #7 TECHNIQUES You want to receive FULL

1. KOneill - Shaped ATC
2. Amaranthine - Black Magic
3. CandyHaz - embossed
4. LabradorDork - Techniques you want to receive - Fabric/Sewing
5. BonnieBeth - Distressed

Group #8 TECHNIQUES You want to use Group #1 FULL

1. Jabauer - Inchie on a Twinchie on an atc
2. Jmaraul - TBD
3. QueenOfInkland - TBD
4. Amaranthine - paper Sculpture
5. Parknslide - Wobbles

Group #9 FULL

1. normat - "Mums and daughters"
2. KOneill - toddler's shows (Dora, Sesame street, Care Bears, etc. {girly, please!}).
3. LabradorDork - New Orleans
4. prairiejen - Birch trees
5. Cloudia - the Majestic Mastiff

Group #10 TECHNIQUES You want to use Group #2 FULL

1. QueenofInkland - TBD
2. Jmaraul - TBD
3. LabradorDork - Shaped ATC
4. SanuraScraps - embossing (heat & dry)
5. KOneill - pocket cards

Group #11 FULL

1. superjen - Red and Teal with a neutral
2. SybilMcC - red, gray and white
3. parknslide - shades of green
4. prairiejen - turquoise and silver
5. ajmac - orange, lime green, and sky blue

Group #12 FULL

1. ajmac- country music sad songs
2. mrslaporte - Kitchen Humor
3. lakelivin - It's raining men
4. normat - Do you love me?
5. Jabauer - Wedding

Group #13 FULL

1. pamper1 - Springtime
2. klb1082 - funny old people
3. mrslaporte - "PICK ME"
4. LabradorDork - rainy days
5. ajmac - "Anything in degrees..."

***Anniversary Edition!**** MUST USE ALL SILVER
(make 4/receive 4 in return - round robin swap)

* = has PM'd their votes to me

1. Jabauer *
2. normat *
3. QueenOfInkland *
4. PookieStats *
5. Parknslide *
6. Parknslide *
7. CandyHaz *
8. l akelivin
9. paper73
10. bean88
11. Suji *
12. prairiejen *
13. Cloudia
14. LabradorDork
15. gottaproduce *
16. superjen *
17. ajmac *
18. mrslaporte *
19. mrslaporte *
20. lakelivin
21. pamper1 *
22. parknslide *
23. parknslide *
24. KOneill *

Rules for the Silver Contest

In honor of the 25th round of the PAT cards, an anonymous donor has come forward with a substantial prize for this round of PAT cards. (No, I am not the donor, but I am sworn to secrecy so no torture will get me to spill the beans on who it is)

The contest will be as follows - This is the legalese...very important stuff.

1. Participants of the Special Category will be competing for a substantial prize (trust me on this one - you want it - you REALLY want it!)

2. Participants in the PAT swap will be voting on the winner of this contest.

2.. We will be using a special gallery KEYWORD - SilverPAT25 for this event. You will post your silver card in your gallery and use the keyword so all entries will come up in a specific gallery search for viewing.

3. Cards must be posted in the gallery and MUST BE IN MY HANDS BY THE SWAP DEADLINE to win the prize. No late entries will be awarded the prize, it will go to the card in hand with the most votes.

4. Voting will be as follows - You will PM me your top three selections and I will keep a list of votes. You will also post comments in the gallery which will help in deciding a winner if there is a tie. Voting will end on the due date and a winner will be announced after all voting has ended.

I urge everyone to really challenge themselves on this and do some spectacular work - you won't be sorry, and we'll have fabulous cards for swapping. I also strongly urge you to post your pictures and cast your votes - let's make this a really fun contest with lots of creativity.


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