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Originally Posted by stampinbb View Post
Sounds good, MO! I hope taking her off the heartworm meds completely is helpful. Is that something that is necessary for a dog to be on daily? I really know nothing about dogs at all, but I do know we never gave any of our dogs any type of medication daily when I was a kid. I didn't know if that was specific to a type of breed or if all dogs need it.
It's kind of a playing the odds situation with heartworm meds. Mosquitos can carry the larvae so any mosquito can potentially infect a dog or cat, and one heartworm can kill a cat, though they are treatable (although with intensive discomfort and isolation) in dogs. Since I walk the dogs outside all the time I keep them on it year round, but given the seizure situation, if taking Molly off all meds clears up the seizure situation, it will come down to risks of treating the seizures vs her picking up heartworms--and the risks to Allie and Sonny if she does. So that will be a tough call.

But step one is keeping her off the meds for a couple of months. Given that she had no seizures (at least none that happened while I was home, and I did WFH for a week and a half around the end of the month) in December, if they stop again, vet and I will have to decide once we see what happens.
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