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now for the current crap..... josh has the same mental issues as Clint but not on any meds so his anger is not under control and his other grandparents are afraid of him sometime.

He needs medical coverage so his mother took him into the county to get an application. since she is technically homeless, jsut stay at her parents and they refuse to allow 'welfare' in their house
he is now living here, his application has to include the whole household information.
Well I was filling them out for him and gathering all the PROOFS needed and realized i didn't have a mortgage payment receipt from the inlaws for Dec or Jan
and when MIL writes them out some say RENT some say House Payment

So I called and asked for those 2 receipts and she has to make up her mind what she puts on them

she asks WHY its the same thing

no, if we are renting then I have to repay for the fridge we got adn the furnace repair has to be paid for my you guys...



yes, that's why you have to put house payment, do not use the word rent.

again I am asked what difference does it make they are the same thing

WOW is she really this dumb!

SO i said i needed dad to send me an email saying..
Clinton and Victoia pay... each month toward the purchase of the.....
and they are responsible for the property taxes adn all utilities.

she said wait I gotta write this down.
so i repeat it all again.
she repeats it back to me but differently and I said no, you gotta out it like this......

I tried to explain you can't lie or hide things it is how it is. period

well finally I asked if dad was online I'd message it to him and he can copy and paste it to an email

I send it to him and he flipped **** over the taxes part.
He says you don't pay them, it's in my name.
I told him, we pay you to pay them that's all you gotta say.

So he freaks out and demands we get the contract for deed fixed and recorded or he will do it and the price will go back up to $71000.

He found a lawyer that will do it for $700

I asked how the price goes up $20000 when it only costs $700

he says if has to do it that's what it is.

so i said I'd call legal aid tomorrow and see if they can help

he messaged back.."so am i doing it myself or what"

me "I said I'd call LA tomorrow."

him... "Well i want to know now.."

WOW! Really

Now this morning I called LA and left a message at 8 am, no responce yet,

he messaged me " do you want me to call lawyers today" at 8"52 I was not sitting here, but the computer was on so ididn't see it

then at 9.04
"yes or no"

Still I was not sitting here

then at 9.13
"fine dont talk"

then at 11.05
"You can go in my email and send yourself what you need and i will give until apail to get a cfd done or i will have one done"

I need a break, my bladder wants to splatter! LOL
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