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Okay now for my world.....

Day before Christmas my starter went out of the car, day after Christmas PAID for a ride to town to cash my work comp check, then had to PAY someone to go pick up the starter I finally found. Josh put it in my car for me
drove to town to get things for MJ
transmission went out of my car, drove the 10 miles back home at about 10 mile per hour!
Thank God the heater works! that was a long ride home,

My water freezes daily right under the hot water heater where we can not get to for heat tape unless we tear up the floor and go in from inside the house or tear out our underbelly out side leaving things exposed for critters. so we just use the torpedo heater it takes less than 5 minutes for it to thaw and we're good again

Then I had to struggle to find a ride to get the kids to the airport new Years Eve,
It was gonna cost me $40 - 50 to use FIL vehicle. (really bad on gas)
finally Josh's other grandparents let him use their car.
we all got up at 5 am, Bug gave MJ a bath and got herself all ready and my water was just fine! I even started the dish washer as we walked out the door!

Josh and I got back here about 1 in the afternoon (we waited till they boarded the plane to make sure it wasn't gonna cancel since it was snowing and lots of airports were having trouble)

Water is froze

I go out and deal with that. Clint and Josh start taking that HORRIBLE water bed i bought down so i can have my bed back which I am glad i kept for Bug to use while she was here.

Water is working I come back in and I hear water running...nothing in the house, so I fly outside to find the line that runs inside the floor from the hot water heater to the bthrm is spraying water everywhere

I don't know wich breaker is for the pump house so I shut them all down.

then turn them on 1 at a time to find it

well now the furnace isn't kicking back on. GREAT!

It's New Years Eve are you kidding me!

Well I think it was Wednesday or Thursday a guy come out and it's a reset switch inside the furnace easy peasy (wish I had watched so i knew this happened last year too!

Well we got my ex jay to come check out the water situation. Clint can't get on the floor and doesn't fit in the hot water heater closet.

gotta wait till the following Monday so I have money... put the money on our prepaid Visa send jay to get the stuff to do my water inside all the way

I still have no car remember

well he gets the stuff, $100 but now his back is out from riding in the truck THAT far OMG really? (are you starting to see why he's my ex)

another week goes by, he's been here once only the say OOPS I forgot to get.....

so I get a ride from the inlaws cash my check, go to laundry mat get grociers, and the parts needed

okay a few more days go by he finally comes up again... now he's gotten the wrong thing and I need to get and adapter to fit one thing to the wrong thing, OMG

gotta wait till Monday ya know!

Well Clint decided we were gonna go look at cars, we have no savings anymore, really stinky credit so I am not sure what's on his mind as he is barely talking to me this month.

I only have my $200 WC check. We look at this car exactly what I have just a year newer $2100
go over to the bank they will give us $1800
plus we'd have to do the taxes and registration out of our own pocket.
he goes out and talks to his parents

Him and FIL go into dealership, the next thing I know I have a car but i gotta pay $100 cash. the bank is covering the rest. The dealer went down that much! WOW

so i go put gas in the car, buy the pieces needed for the water, do laundry, and buy milk and bread and I am broke!

well more time goes by and Jay comes up does a little bit then OOPS I still need .... to go any further OMG really?

Luckily we do have a hydrant outside but it's a pain to carry water in for the toilet and to heat for dishes, and to heat up so i can wash me.

Yes I am whining! LOL

On Monday I picked up the pieces he said were needed, I have water to the wash machine (cold only) and to the bathroom. I was so excited, i washed a load of clothes quick, and got hot water for doing dishes, did them all up.
Was gonna take a shower only for that facet to blow apart! somehow when jay had his big hands in there to hook up the water it cracked the back part of the facet.
Doesn't surprise me this trailer is a 1978

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