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Originally Posted by barbara32ca View Post

It all goes to intent IMO. Since that is difficult to prove, only the creator knows if it is morally or ethically right or wrong.

Barbara- That is so true. My friends tease me all the time about putting copyrights on my designs because as soon as the designs come out they are all over the Internet to copy. This is so very true. I have seen avatars of my work over here, lol. Disclaimer- I love it and very flattered. I don't put copyrights on my cards. I mean my real art work.

Copyrights on my work are to protect me from big corporations trying to steal my art. Yes, to protect me from other individual artists who might try to make thousands claiming my designs are their own. That's why I was angry with the lady because she had another friends design's in the store too. My friend just came back from Afghanistan. She was in Afghanistan when I found out. She's like "Girl, I just don't care right now." She really did but you all understand what she meant. It's like my friend told me either this woman is a ditz or she is doing it on purpose. One day this woman is going to copy from some other artist who will not be laid back like me & my friend are.

Next year, (crossing fingers and hoping) my work will be in a new video game. I am working on my commissions now. When that new video game comes out there will be copies of my work all over the Internet. I will see polymer clay figurines. I will see DeviantArt fan CASE'ing. I will probably see vinyl recreations, stickers from just individuals who are into the game. I will love it. It will make me smile. Most of these individuals will not know it was an artist who created these characters but to them it's the character that they love. I am guilty of it too loving a character without knowing the artist. My DH is so into Saint's Row and Mass Effect I couldn't tell you who created those characters but I know them all by name.

If a big company decided to use my images to make a line of dolls, t-shirts, gaming skins, etc.... then I am going after them for stealing profit. That's why artists have copyrights and contracts.

My craft creations that I upload like my cards I make on my Cricut, polymer clay creations or beading I want them CASE'd. I hope I can inspire like that.
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