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Rachelrose,nobody's going to think you're a hothead, or anti casing! Its a fine line between what we find acceptable, and what we think oversteps the mark, and probably everyones line wiggles a little in different places.( By the way, I did your Distress Ink sampler on my blog yesterday- and I credited you, LOL)
As for not being sure who we got a card idea from, if I make and post a card on my blog, and I know I've seen something similar that inspired me, thats pretty much exactly what I will say in my post, I'll credit the person if I can remember who it was, or find it again, if I can't, I'll add that if the maker recognises it & lets me know, I will put up the credit. Those Triple Stamping cards that popped up recently- I loved the video tutorial that FRENCHIE did, so I made a few, posted, and credited her & her tutorial, as well as a link. But she may well have not been the first to design it, she was just the one who I saw. It all comes down, I think, to the point of 'similar' or 'exact' copy- if someone makes an exact copy of your work, for profit for themselves, I think they've overstepped the mark. If they've taken the basic design, and then put their own twist on it, then thats being inspired by someone, which should receive at least 'thanks for your inspiration' in the card credits. I think its different for lay-outs, thats just a sketch for where to position your pieces- unless they copy every item you put on yours!
Berwyn, I'm really glad you asked this question, I think its given a lot of us something to think carefully about, and refine what we think is ok, and what we should be questioning the acceptability of.Its always good to get other peoples views on a subject, especially one like this that can be tricky.
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