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Originally Posted by muddy otter View Post
Whoohoo on down!!! I'm down 2.5 from New Year's... but I'd gone up 6 between mid-December and end of the year after not gaining.

Biggest change for me has been trying to quit eating after 8pm.

UGH on the storms. We had freezing rain here Friday. Giant skating rink in the back yard and out front yesterday morning. How is Shadow doing with the cold weather?

Sonny gets to start going off leash in the back yard after today's training session. Strategy is to train with him a bit and run him out so he's tired, then get him to stay, detach leash, get him to come to me. Then if he does, he can run for a bit.

Today when we did our first session he was so exhausted from training that when I let him run, he ran straight to the back door, sat down, and waited for Molly, trainer and I to come over and let him in. It was pretty funny!

But trainer wasn't sure he'd come straight to me and he did, twice! I'm so excited! And Molly's so good--she follows us around and sometimes does the same thing I tell Sonny. But she doesn't bark and distract him during outdoor training any more. It's been a huge change doing all the drills daily but it's really different to build that bond with both dogs. I feel as though we've turned into a team that works together. Sonny and Molly really seem happy about that!
Good to get the scale moving the other way!

Eating junk late at night is tough for me too.

And I need to start my exercise again.
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