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I think with CASE'ing you take inspiration from that style. If it's similar because it's your style too. Also a lot of times when we CASE we are learning new styles. Yes, the cards will look the same. I do think CASE & copy fall in the same realm. There are stampers and artists who don't feel comfortable making their own items so they do copy from Stampin Up, etc... I understand that reasoning.

A lot of professional artists also make paper craft creations with their own images. That is where the CASE & Copy for profit starts getting iffy. Some artists will slam you with "I own the copyright" faster than you can blink if you try to make a profit on something you CASE'd from them. Trust me I really understand that.

I have a copyright line out and an artist from a major digital store actually has my work for sale at that digital store. I uncovered it a few months back by accident when I was looking through the store. I found on her blog my paper crafting samples I made for catalogs she CASE'd them.

I was madder than all get out. I actually called my lawyer to file on the witch. I am still mad about it. I have won one copyright lawsuit against a stationery company.

I dropped it because for one my artist line is under my private name to help my family members who have medical problems. I have seen how the paper crafting world can be over copyrights. I really don't want to be entangled in that mess. I would feel really bad to start flame wars over copyrights. Plus, with two of my family members ill yes I am fearful about losing that income over a scandal. It's just a handful of files so what I am losing about $20.00 in income. I am going to sue this lady for thousands. What kind of person would I be if I did that? This woman has small children. I would feel terrible. I let it go.

I know a lot of people would think I am stupid for doing this. This is the first time I have ever publicly said anything about it.

I am usually flattered by CASE'ing. I love seeing girls on YouTube and Flicker make cute things out of my images. As an artist if you are trying to make a profit I think it's nice to write to that artist if you know it's her line and ask if it's ok. I am cool with it, actually. That is why I am so mad at that biddy for taking my designs because she could have asked if she could turn my designs into die cut files. I probably would have let her if she changed a couple of things.

I hope I explained this ok with a flu addled brain. I really don't want to start a flame war or anything.

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