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Originally Posted by Queenbee Jo View Post
I test my BS (blood sugar but I like to call it BS because diabetes IS BS) around 7-8 times a day. In the morning, before and after a meal and when I go to bed. I also test anytime I feel like poo.

My kids can tell you about my highs and lows. If I"m cranky, I'm usually either one or the other. If I'm cranky and tired it's probably high. I take medicine, and drink lots of water to fix it. If it's REALLY high, I become insulin resistant and it can take as long as 4 hours to fix. You REALLY don't want to get high. If I'm cranky and low I am also hot, shaky, my vision starts to waver. This is when I get to eat sugar to correct the problem. This can take 30-40 minutes to fix. The problems arise when you take too much sugar and ping-pong the other way. Bleah.

As Imke said, a normal sugar is between 80-120. I like to hover around 90, but I've been as high as 320 (forgot to bolus - inject insulin after Thanksgiving, oops) and as low as 38 (scared the pants off poor Ken). I didn't pass out but I was pretty incomprehensible. Yes, a low sugar can cause SERIOUS problems.

So there you go ... diabetes in a nutshell.
I'm pretty much like Joanna with my diabetes. For me, I only test once, morning fasting, but if I'm feeling yucky, I'll test with the onset of that feeling. I take oral meds with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My high has been 196 after a meal and my low around 40, usually in the evening or early morning. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between the feeling of too high and too low; for me, it's usually too low and get shaky, sweaty, hot then cold, light headed, and a hungry feeling; I use regular soda and some cookies to bring it up. I keep the cookies in my van so if I get this feeling while driving I am to pull off the road; thankfully, I've not had to do this while driving. My diabetes was chemo induced, but diabetes is diabetes regardless of how it's been incurred. I try to have my meals at the same time each day and don't snack often. BUT, there are times when I HAVE to have something sweet to satisfy that sweet tooth!
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