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Originally Posted by mrslaird View Post
Hugs Melissa!!! I can't see your print (Big Tent is not getting along with me today.) So sorry you're down!

I don't think it's wasting your time to try to track the phone. Nothing might come of it, but at least you won't wonder if there's something else you should have done.
That's true.

I should update y'all.

The find my iphone app showed the phone on the high school campus this morning about 1050 AM. Someone turned it on. I printed off that sucker and down the road I went! (you don't mess with my kiddo. ) LOL. Anyway. Since the high school network is a known wi-fi network to the boy's phone, it will show up on the map without cell service, once the phone is turned on in the vincinity of the high school wi-fi. so, i went to the high school. of course, they can't rouse 100 students. however, the principal said to catch the address tonight & he will run it down / find the student. can't beat that. so...i run to bg cell & explain all that & they turn the cell service back on. told me the overages they will reverse once they bill. so...dh & I are watching iCloud.

it got turned on again...about noon...and then got shut off again. I have it locked with a message to call DH cell. we'll see. AND, tmw dh is calling a lady that a friend of our's who puts up BG cell towers told us to talk to.

best we can do...and at least it's scoring us mom & dad points with the boy.

short story...waiting & watching.
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