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QUOTE=Angie1974;19955912]I haven't heard of that before. Maybe I better research it. I use a Big Kick machine, in the event that any of you know which one is a good one to use. What I really don't understand, is why it worked very briefly, (2 times) and now won't do a thing.[/QUOTE]

I have to ask but I'm sure it's a silly question, since it doesn't cut at all you are placing the sharp cutting edge against the cardstock, yes?

I have to BS as I teach classes and each machine is a little difference. Some things to note:

Over time, your BS will loosen up, it's the nature of the machines.

Shims don't hurt your machine but trying to put a sandwich that is too thick will break your machine.

Cutting plates get thinner and warp with use. Be prepared to replace them, but I use mine until they break. If needed I'll add a shim.

You don't get the exact results with a die unless you are always using the same paper weight. Be prepared to do a little testing.

Not all dies are created equal. Some cut better than others, even within the same brand. If you can't get a good cut, call the company, you may have a "bad" die.

The more intricate cuts the more difficult it may be to get a good cut. Using the metal shim has solved any problems I had. Some people are using metal flashing from the hardware store but I haven't tried so I can't say if they work or not.

Check out this thread for a discussion on metal shims

With all the variables (differnt machines, different paper, different dies) it's hard for a company to make the perfect die. Be prepared to test and then write down what works. I have 8-10 differnt shims I keep on hand. They range from thick chipboard to printer paper but my fav is the metal shim.

I hope some of this helps.
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