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Good Morning Girls,

I started a huge monoogue yesterday but was having troubles uploading photos and never got back to it. I lost it last night when Bug was showing me where I could find an episode of Lost Girl that I missed the other night (Series 3 Episode 1, dammit!!)

Anyways, I was up early yesterdau and had all my paperwork done before 8am. I then went and did all my jobs - mail, getting the specials from all the different supermarkets, etc. I had to go to Officeworks to get a new external hardrive and an archive box. Man!! There were Mothers and Children and school stuff everywhere. Got my stuff and got out as quick as I could. So glad I don't have to do that. We get all our school stuff through the school. Bug just has to go in next week and pick it up. So, did all the running around and got to where I get my nails done and was looking forward to a relax and th power went out in the centre. Waited half an hour and it was still out. Drove home (less than 5 mintues) and all the traffic lights were out on the way. Walked inside and the tv was blaring, etc, etc. Works out that we are on a different power thing - but...... across the road had no power.

Did some housework and caught up on some television while doing the ironing. Worked out that I missed the first episode of Lost Girl!

Browny has a friend that he has known since he was 17 or 18. He knows the whole family and was really friendly with his sister until she got into a serious relationship that was not real good for her and she was isolated from friends family, etc. She recently got out of it (still dramas with the narsissitic (sp ex, but is getting there) and we caught up with her at a wedding last year. I knew all about her but had never met. She had a new girlfriend at the wedding and we all hit it off. They came to us for a day when we were camping after Christmas as they live nearby. Bakground over...... it is their birthdays next weekend and we have been invited to the party. It is a Friday night and Browny is often not home. I am trying to make him organise with work so that we can go but he doesn't want to ask for any favours. These girls are so much fun I think I will go up on my own. They live at the Sunshine Coast which is about 2 hours away. My big point here is that I looove old friends - you can have breaks from them and just pick up where you left off. I have a school friend like this (she has a new hubby so am hoping that Browny will like him) and another friend from when the boys were little. Browny and her Hubby get on like a house on fire. So many of my other friends are just 'my' friends. Do you know what I mean?

Today I am getting my nails done - surprise, surprise. I really need to mop, but just can't be bothered. We have the kids this weekend and I will need to do it again Monday after they leave. Saturday is Australia Day with the pubic holiday on Monday. The 'thing to do' for Australia Day is to wear grenn and gold, or stuff with the flag on it, (must be thongs, shorts, singlets, bikinis and, of course, a hat) have a BBQ - preferably with lamb (long story) and drink lots of beer. Curiously strange public holiday to anyone other than an Australian I am sure.

Will try to reduce the size of the photos that I want to show you and will post them later.


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