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Originally Posted by imthenoni View Post
wow Melissa! You got huge things done yesterday.

My list is small right now as I'm getting ready to head out to teach a 3 hour class of fire personnel but I will be adding to it when I get back home after noon.

Done -
1 -breakfast
2 -hot water for tea for me (dh has to work 6p - 6a so he won't be up until after I get back home most probably)
3 -shower
4 -dressed
5 -review notes for class
6 -RX for allergies (yesterday and the trees just about did me in and today I need to prune some shrubs and vacuum the furnace vents - I may not breath or see without scratching my eyes for weeks after all this)

To do after I get back home
7 -prune shrubs & get rid of cuttings
8 -vacuum furnace vents - my goal is all the ones in the house but it will depend on how much I have to work to get them somewhat clean and when dh gets up
9 -freeze the chili - I finally got it as right as it's going to be
10 -make the bed once dh gets up

That's my list for now but 2/3 of it is already done.

It is sunny here today but cold this am (39 F) but it is supposed to be aroudn 54 this afternoon then COLD the next couple of days (high of 40F or less and possibility of rain ARG)
IT's cold & sunny over here...23 right now...and not expected to get warmer than 30. It's quite windy. <---me...walking through the parking lot.
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