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Originally Posted by AlysonRR View Post
I started working for a different home inspection co - we'll see how it goes. They claim to have a higher density of visits, which increases the number of houses I can visit (and thus, the pay) so that will be good if it's true.

DH is coming home again tomorrow am for DD's 11th birthday, then three weeks later for DS's 14th birthday so I don't have to miss him quite as much in Dec/Jan/Feb. Then we usually have a long break til April, and again til June. Not sure how we'll do it this year - the kids and I are not going to CA this summer to save money for a trip to England in the fall (not sure how many of us will be going though - it's sooooo expensive!). So DH will come sometime in the summer, likely over 4th of July so he can be a pyro

DD's having a slumber party starting tomorrow after school. Silly me forgot that tomorrow is early dismissal - ack, six 10-11yo girls for 24 hours! Send positive vibes at my ears, LOL.

DD's foot is healing - she still uses the boot and crutches in the hallway at school, but is walking on the boot without crutches in classrooms, and using a surgical shoe at home.

Cookie goes almost everywhere I go, but he has stayed home in the kennel for as many as six hours without seeming upset.

Hmmm, that's about it.

Thanks for asking, Amber Have you tried prune juice with your DD? Just an ounce or two did the trick for me when I was a baby, apparently...
Is home inspection fun? I'd imagine the crawl spaces and attics aren't a picnic but it must be interesting to learn about the contstruction and see what people have done with their homes.

SO glad to hear that DD's doing better. You are very brave to host the sleepover! Lots of positive thoughts headed your way!

Please send pats to Cookie--he sounds wonderful!
God sent angels down to earth in the form of dogs with notes saying 'don't judge, just love.' They ate the notes but keep trying to deliver the message.
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