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Originally Posted by weims View Post
Flash & Rusty give up? How did you manage that? My room is open to the rest of the basement, so they have the run of it when I'm downstairs. Normally, they'll grab bones and settle in on a couch or the recliner.

All of you guys have cute fur babies.
By give up I mean stop scratching at the door to the basement (where I craft) and go find someone else to bug. The older one (10 year old Flash) can be left alone and pretty much has run of the main rooms of the house (no bedrooms, and he knows it even when the doors are open). The younger one however (5 year old Rusty) is not to be trusted - AT ALL! So, if he is out of his crate, there is always someone upstairs that has to keep an eye on him. Otherwise, he will find something to either chew up, rip up, destroy or generally just cause havoc! We can't even just leave him outside because he will find things out there to wreak havoc on just as easily - like fences, wood from the woodpile, pillows off the chairs, decorative grasses, the pooper scooper - nothing is safe! Problem is, he is so danged cute that when he gets caught, he just tips that sweet little head to the side looking all innocent, then wiggles himself into a little ball and licks your face - really hard to stay angry at him! We always say he's the stupid one, but in reality, I think he is the smarter of the two!

I too love everyone's fur babies - makes life so much more interesting with them!
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