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First I'd like to state that I am in no way connected to nor do I even know the makers of this product...

I own it and it has worked wonders for me. Many people think it doesn't work because they are not willing to put in the time or don't have the patience.

There are some drawbacks that may possibly be the reason why so many people don't keep up the regimen or use it as often as they should. For one thing, you must commit to using it on a regular basis (2x to 3X per week) for an extended period of time. The second is that it can sometimes give a stinging sensation to your skin, which I'm sure a lot of people just will NOT put up with. (My mother was one of those people). HOWEVER let me tell you something, if you had facial (chin) hair growing faster and almost as thick as the hair on my head like I did, you will FIND THE TIME, STICK TO IT and BE GLAD YOU FOUND IT! As an African American, laser treatments do not work on our skin, leaving us little to nothing else to use for PERMANENT facial hair removal. If laser treatments do work for your skin and you can afford it -- then I say go for it.

I will say that I still had to get a chin wax at the nail salon when I went to get my nails done, but that was only every 3 weeks and definitely NOT permanent! I am not completely hairless yet, mainly because I lost the plug to charge it up. (I keep forgetting to buy one) But I will say I have CONSIDERABLY less facial hair than I had before I started using it!

As a matter of fact once I used it on a day I went to get my usual nail refill/chin wax (because I forgot I was getting the wax later that day). My skin was still a little red in the area where I used it, and the owner of the salon asked me why. When I told her she got SO PISSED OFF that she could barely string a sentence together. Of course she started to tell me all kinds of made up reasons about why I shouldn't use it (don't you DARE cut into her profit ) which made me snicker. Half of the reasons didn't make any sense what so ever, and I had to politely cut her off because I was tired of listening to stupid groundless claims. None of what she said has come to pass and I continued to use it long after that with no adverse effects at all. I can only ASSUME that she reacted that way because she has met her match and didn't want to lose the extra $7 she charges me for a chin wax. I am a low maintenance, high tipping (compared to her other clients) long time regular and it's giving the salons a run for their money.

PS - I am not a doctor, so I cannot vouch for whether it will be OK for anyone else to use. I am only telling about MY experience with it.
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