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Originally Posted by Englishrose View Post
I think that's cos she showed us pictures with the different coloured hair etc and she Disneyed down a bit, maybe.
yep - that's it.

no, I hadn't heard he escaped. I knew that he pooped again. I have to admit I inspected the picture you took to make sure what I found really was Pippin poop and not coyote poop!
she was cracking up when i told her we were posting picture of her doggie's poop and inspecting it across the nation...

Very confident and strong. She'd have thought you were nuts if you'd rocked her! She must have thought we were both weird!
she would have! and I'm sure she does! lol!!

She is a wonderful young woman and Wrosey should be proud of her. Totally. Wroseys DH too!
i hope to meet him one day too!

I think she planned her trip very well and I'm impressed that she drove all that way in the time she did, too. I would have taken longer. Then again, at her age I was sailing all over the world so yes, I'd probably have done the same. She was determined to make to each nights destination.
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