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so ERK, let's talk about Wrosey's daughter as if Wrosey isn't in the room... lol!!!

was she what you expected? She was different than what I was picturing. I loved her and thought she was fabulous - but I was for some reason expecting a more "artsy fartsy" type of girl. She got the "conservative" thing down just right for Disney I think... Just from other pictures Wrosey has shared - I was expecting something else... not sure what - I wasn't disappointed though.

I loved how she and Pippin interacted. They were so cute together. If I hadn't had to go to work today - the dog would have stayed with me... (did she tell you he escaped this morning! yikes!)

She seemed so mature, confident, strong and sure of herself - but yet at the same time she was just so young and just so - I'm not sure of the word I want - but I just wanted to just hold her in my arms and rock her like I do my DD some times.. vunerable - that's the word that i was wanting....

She is a wonderful young woman and Wrosey should be proud of her.

I told her to stop by again on her way home... And I meant it - I hope she will. (versus taking a very large detour around houston from that crazy lady! lol!)

i wish my girls could have spent more time with her.

I'm really proud and in awe of her taking off across the country by herself.

You did good Wrosey - but I'm sure you already knew that...
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