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It rained here late afternoon Thursday and Stopped Saturday morning, then snowed, and WOW that wind! I thought it was going to take the roof off! Today it is 3F above.....BURR

It is so slippery out walking to the mailbox is scary! Back when we lived in the motor home out here, I have a path through the woods, where it was parked, to the road, so I can stay off the driveway. its awful I drove out once to run to town, only got to the road and the car slid for about 20' so i said NOPE stayin home!

I've been making cards during the day, then I get to feeling like I'm being lazy so I quit, then when I come back the lighting has gotten too gloomy for me to be crafty.

I hate winter! the lighting is so different in here. I took over this room cuz it has a 72" window on 3 walls,.

Well I think my OCD is suffering, I usually rearrange my Chefville, but I can't play any games using this either it's the internet connection or the PC I have to use it on. it has XP. but its so slow, it keeps coming up Virtual memory too low, windows simply close. GRRR

I have moved the 2 tables around about 4 times to get comfortable, I have 5 chairs in here and I have changed which one I use more often then potty breaks! LOL

I tried to clean up a bit int eh other room, but without running water I just get annoyed. I heat water, but its just...GRRRRRRRRR

Clint did nothing all day yesterday, seriously nothing, he sat in the chair in here, and bobbed in and out of sleep, then he went back to bed, he didn't get up till after 1 pm
He was back in bed before 7

I am thinking about asking Judy if I can come over and do laundry at her place.
I'd like to get Clint up to go get Jay to work on the water then go, but I know they'd just sit for a smoke and never get back up again, I have to stay on them, following them and nagging basically.

If I sit down to stay out of the way it's not long before they are in here sitting to talk about how they should run the new line.

It's been all talk for 14 days now

Oh, here's an idea of bad Clint has been.. the M&M's you girls sent are still unopened! He does nothing, He nibbles at whatever I fix, so I don't even make a meal now.
I've made burgers, he eats part of one then it's puppy food, I made lasagna HIS FAVE barely touched it.

Well I'm gonna find something in the gallery to CASE, one fo the threads I am co hostessing 1 of the ladies has challenges everyone to look at their faves in the gallery and CASE it. Done 2 so far.

Love ya ladies.....see ya later!
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