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Originally Posted by swldebbie View Post
OMG -- I have been encouraging each of you (and myself!) to do something in January toward your goals as that will motivate you to keep moving forward. Yesterday I found out that tomorrow really can be too late to start.

When I made the goal to do more thank you cards and give them to people I encounter on a regular basis, but who I don't necessarily have a relationship with, one of the people I was thinking of was Steven, one of the guys who works the front desk at my gym. He ALWAYS greets members with a smile and a hello that feels like they are reserved just for you. If he isn't busy, he will check you in as soon as he sees you come in from the parking lot. If he's working when you are done with your workout, he'll wish you a good day or evening. Just a sweet guy. After awhile I noticed that, when I came in the outer doors, if I saw he was at the desk, no matter what my day had been like, I started to smile because, for this moment in time, life was good. So he was first on my list for people I wanted to make/give thank you notes.

Well, my stamping MOJO has been a bit slow on the uptake since the holidays, so I didn't stamp last weekend. Steven wasn't working Monday night when I was at the gym. When I went last night, I learned that, at age 31, he had died of a fatal heart attack. I'm not alone in being totally stunned. My trainer thinks he may have actually passed on Monday, so even if I had made a card, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to give it to him. Still, I'm so aware right now how much of a difference a day makes. Had I stamped last Thursday night, I could have given it to him on Friday morning when I saw him.

So now I will make a sympathy card, not a thank you. But I will include a note to his family, telling THEM what I would have told him about the difference he made in my life.

This story touches my heart. There are so many "everyday" people that we should thank. One day around last Christmas, I took the checker at my local grocery store an extra M&M tube that I had made for treats at school. You would have thought that I had given her $100 the way she thanked me. When this Christmas came around, she thanked me again for doing that last year. I need to find another "everyday" person to do something nice for. I will make that my mission this week.
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