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Originally Posted by SybilMcC View Post
I am frustrated. That's how I am.
This is the time of year when I get all my parts checked out, you know, eyes, mammo, girly parts etc.
Mammo was Tuesday, got a call to make an appointment to come back because there is a change, need to have one side redone, come next Tuesday.
Girly doctor today, 9:30. Got there at 9:20, signed in, did ID and ins cards, sat down. At 15 minutes to 11, I asked how much longer. They said, what is your name and who are you seeing? Oh Ok I'll check.
5 minutes later they called me back, asked why I was there. I said yearly checkup.
She asked when I had my last PAP and I said You should have that in your records.
"It is all in the computer, and the computer is down. If we go ahead and do it and you had one last year, your insurance won't pay and you will be billed about $1,000. Do you want to wait until the system is up or reschedule, which we can't do because the computers are down. You can wait a while and see if we can get back in the system."
I said, "I have been here an hour and a half, and you could have told me that when I got here. I have been here long enough."
I left. I don't know what will happen, my daughter-in-law is the practice manager, so it is an uncomfortable thing for me. Gotta go check my BLOOD PRESSURE!
Good Grief... Patience... you used your share today.
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