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Smile you can send me a check, if you prefer!

Originally Posted by Stamp Wizard View Post

Again, a great explanation and I'm not in the least confused (I get easily confused).

Yeah, the Stampin' Up! program for RMHC is complex and has a lot of rules! I like your way of doing things much better.

I went to the two websites you listed. I see the clear sleeves. Stampin' Up! sells clear envelopes (similar to the ones sold by the company with the open-ended sleeves) but the price is much more expensive. The sleeves make a lot of sense!

OK, I would like to get envelopes and sleeves. I don't have a PayPal account/name. You aren't the first person to ask about this. I guess I'll just have to get one. Those PayPal people must be making a lot of money! There are thousands of people using PayPal to buy and sell things. I think PayPal has a corner on that market idea. I'll talk to my brother, he knows things like PayPal, and see what I need to do to get an account (like I said, I get easily confused & overwhelmed).

Thanks! Sandra
A paypal account makes it easier, but you can also send me a check, if you would like. Just tell me how many of each you want, and I'll package up and figure out how much shipping will be and let you know the total.

If you do get a paypal account, I suggest that you open up a special checking account just for paypal. Most banks/credit unions offer free checking. I do this and just keep a min amount of money in the account, so that if I get hacked, I don't loose all the money I have in the bank! I would just loose the little I have in this account! I've never been hacked, and I've had a paypal account for YEARS, but I've heard of people who it's happened to. I would rather play it safe, though!

Yes, the paypal people do have a corner on the market with this. They are multi millionaires! One of the original founders just started a PRIVATE space company to put rockets up in space! They figure that if NASA isn't going to do it, instead of paying Russia to bring our astronauts up to the space station, they can make the millions instead! I guess it takes money to make money! I doubt I'll ever be that rich! It seems I'm always giving most of mine away! LOL!

Talk soon!
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