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Default 14 days of valentines

Originally Posted by kilroy View Post
I have never seen this before. I have a few for Valentine's Day I will look for after the first of the year and post. Someplace i have something for Halloween too but I am not sure I can find that one. TFS
I saw this in Papercraft magazine probably 7 years ago. I made them for my mom, sent them to my brother to put out each morning for her. She lived with him when she was no longer able to live alone. She looked forward to getting one each day. What you do is tape the type of candy that is in ( ) to the card base. I made a large heart base, typed the verse on a separate piece of CS and adhered it to the heart. You can decorate as much or little as you like.

14 Days of Valentines

1. I love your (kisses), I love your (hugs). They pull on my heart with great big tugs.

2. Youíre worth more than (100 Grand). I think youíre the best in the land!

3. I hope that we will never part, and that we will stay real (SweetTarts).

4. Donít you fret and donít you (Snicker). Donít let my love upset your ticker!

5. Youíre so sweet, as sweet as honey. I love you more than chocolate (coins to represent money).

6. You are a (Smartie). Youíre full of brains. I know youíll go far and make BIG gains.

7. To show my love, oh boy. Iím giving you this (Almond Joy).

8. No one can come (Twix) you and me because youíre special as can be!

9. I donít tell (Whoppers), I donít tell lies. Youíre an important part of our family ties.

10. Iíll love you always, (Now & Later). Iíd even love you at the Equator.

11. Iíve met (Airheads), Iíve met geeks. Youíre one of a kind because youíre unique.

12. You always help out when Iím in a (Crunch). Thatís one of the reasons I love you so much.

13. You have encouraged me when Iíve started to waiver. Thatís why youíre one of my favorite (LifeSavers).

14. Iíll show my love for you with pleasure, by giving you a chocolate (Treasure).
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