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Hey peeps! I'm back with my feet up. Whew, I'm tired!! Lots of walking/shopping the last two days!

Yesterday was wonderful as was today. Yesterday it was great to have a girl's day out with my SIL. Our lunch was perfectly perfect and wonderful and she really enjoyed it too! It was cold out, but fun.

Today's lunch was a burger joint that is rated #1 in the city, DH has been wanting to go. It was very good! Then we shopped around on errands he wanted to do...all good and fun b/c he doesn't get to go shopping much and this wasn't too manly of shopping. Got his seeds for the new gardening year...that's always exciting. Whole Foods and Penzeys for a few misc. things we needed and only get there. And then the mall for some clothes shopping for him, he got some good deals. And then calendars!!! Fun!

Now back home to just the four of us. I'm sorry I complained this morning...really wanted to get back on shortly thereafter and say that didn't go with my OLW!!! But I had towels to fold and things to get going on to get out the door with DH and DSIL!

My, my, but we did have a nice week. Super. Went by so fast as we knew it would.

BIL will be here late Sunday night through Tuesday morning. Not a long visit...but IMHO will be just right LOL. He's kinda' intense and isn't always super comfy around the kids...he's not married and is a minister in our faith. He's moving from OH to NY so thus his quick visit to say hi/bye before he gets further away and while he has a bit of time of his own before the move. DH has to work Monday, but we'll be fine. BIL goes on long walks etc. And then we'll meet DH for lunch. So!

And likely we could very easily have company next weekend, but we'll see.

And to catch up on a tad on here...I was too tired to quote everything I wanted to reply to so forgive me!

Good to see you on here again Kramomma, do enjoy your added companionship on here!
Urgentcookie, you too...I love your "I choose to do today..." list!!
Mollymoo, excited to read your new challenge...and I need to get mine up for the new "let's commit to a little crafting at least once a month" challenge! So wanting to take the OLW class again too now....
Misti, glad to see the daily mini. Will be anxious to jump in now!
Paula, hope you had a fun playdate...and yummy coffee treat perhaps??
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