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Originally Posted by laurlynn View Post
I bet Kelly knows of a good hand creme. I just use stuff from Bath and Body Works. Kids' pediatrician always recommended Eucerin Creme (as opposed to the lotion version) when they had really dry legs.
Well, I hate greasy creams with a passion. So my daily-use-whenever-I-need-it one is just plain old fast-absorbing keri. But it is a light one. For heavy duty use, I use Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream. But it is thick & sticky, so I do it at night just before bed, and I put a pair of gloves on overtop, so I don't get sticky honey stuff all over the bedclothes. I usually wake up at some point in the night and pull the gloves off. I usually only do this if my hands have reached the point that they are dry & cracking though. 1-3 nights of this treatment and they are usually back soft again.

Imogene, you really should try experimenting with different hand soap though. I went through a couple of winters here where I couldn't believe how bad my hands were - I'd never had them so bad. They were a mess - dry, cracked & bleeding from something like Nov.-Mar. Previously, I'd had that happen for a couple of days maybe once or twice a year - never for months on end. Last year, I discovered quite by accident that the handsoap I was using at home was one of the biggest culprits. When I moved here, I stayed with my parents. Lilsis had gotten Mom hooked on B&BW handsoaps. So when I moved to my own apartment, I bought them too. Loved the scents etc. Last winter, right when my hands were worst, I happened to run out of handsoap (& my good Burt's Bees cream at the same time). At the time, I really couldn't spare the time to run to the part of town with the B & BW, so I just picked up a cheapie bottle of softsoap (don't know if you guys have that brand name or not) soothing aloe vera. I was totally floored to have my hands go from cracked & bleeding to almost normal in less than a week just from the change in my handsoap. I used that for the rest of the winter last year, and had almost no problems. So, much as the cream-style soothing aloe vera soap is just plain boring, and I really love the B&BW scents & foaming/scrubbing handsoaps, I buy the cream style one. It has made a HUGE difference. For whatever reason, my skin just doesn't like the B&BW ones.
So I suggest you head to the store and check out some different hand soaps. Look for something in a creamier style, preferably with aloe vera. Try two to three for a week each and see if any of them make any difference.
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