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Originally Posted by pennydouph View Post
I must admit, my craft room is again looking very much the worse for wear! I have had several months of "challenging" health issues and my craft room suffered. I still managed to get my cards/crafts done for Christmas, but my space is trashed. Now that the holidays are just about over, its time to get it really organized. What I wouldn't give to outfit my room with the coolest papercrafting storage, but I'm going to have to make do with bookcases and old desks. Other than the ribbon and die clubs I belong to, nothing new until everything I have has a home! That will be a toughie!
Be encouraged! My craft room was a total disaster January last year after a feverish bout of Christmas cardmaking and just buying stuff that really had no place to put the things in - and then a family member was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness early Feb and I spent much of 2012 caring for them as they journeyed through treatment and lived at the hospital with them for months. I couldn't even look in my craft room without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But once my loved one's treatment finished, I started the arduous task of sorting through all my stuff. My room looked 1000 times worse during the process. I moved furniture around so it was in a more practical place for access; I had 3 boxes - 1 for donating, 1 for selling at a future date but I am giving myself a time limit and if it isn't sold, it will go to charity, and 1 for rubbish.

I couldn't believe how much stuff there was and donated stickers, designer papers etc. to my local pre-school (kindergarten). I took craft magazines (that weren't too old of course) to the specialists' waiting rooms and at the hospital and put some in the Magazine Swap Box at my local library. I have had a donation truck come twice and pick up stuff that I didn't know what to do with but was still in good condition and useful to somone out there. I was ruthless in my sorting and although I sometimes had a pang of guilt for something I spent money on but hadn't used, I also felt that someone else who had very little money would enjoy it. It was tiring going through things but also a journey of discovery of forgotten treasures and items I have no recollection of buying and wondered why I had because I didn't like them at all!

Now, some months later, I can look in my craft room and feel like it is a room I can create in. I am still moving things around a little to suit my needs but it is so nice to have my various items all together in one place instead of spread around the room in 10 places which irritated me because I couldn't find things when I needed them. I have re-purposed containers and bought cheap little plastic baskets ($1 for 4) and even re-used a plastic cutlery divider from my kitchen drawer which is fantastic for putting my rulers, scissors, erasers and pencils sharpeners in so that my top desk drawer isn't just a jumble of items. I bought some cheap DVD empty DVD containers which came in a pack of 10 for $2 and a roll of magnetic tape for $2 and will put my dies in them as storage. I haven't spent much money but oh, the freedom and joy to go into a room and create instead of frustrate!

"A place for everything and everything in its place." That tried and true motto has stood the test of time. So be encouraged pennydouph! Yes, it is hard work and you might feel like you are drowning when you start, and at times you will wish you hadn't started the whole process, but persevere - it is so worth it. I hope this helps.

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