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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
Do you not have Cable at all now? That's expensive, not so much the TV, I mean the TV can be but doesn't have to be. But yeah cleaning things out is nice.

There have been a few NCIS marathons, one was the Dinozzo knows best one.
I have the rock-bottom cable package for both downstairs telly and the one in my room. I didn't get the DVR since that's another $15/month and the basic package has on-demand free for the networks. So if I sleep through Hawaii Five-O or miss NCIS, I can watch them later. Satellite is about $10-15/month less but doesn't have on demand or several of the channels I like (BBC America, nature channels) that come with cable's cheap-o package. It also doesn't work in storms, and given the number of major thunderstorms we get here in the summer, that's a fair amount of down time. I've been thinking about dropping cable altogether and just getting one of those boxes where you can get Hulu or something over the internet, but I've got the cheap DSL through the phone company rather than the turbo-fast super intense stuff through the cable folks.

I never had cable at all until I got married. I just got the network channels and rented videos (it's been a while...). Of course now I'd need that adaptor thingy I never bought to pick up the signal on vintage small television. I guess even if I dropped $40 on an adaptor it would still be cheaper than hooking extra telly up to cable for a year.
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