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Originally Posted by LabradorDork View Post
Hi ladies! Loooooong time no see. I hope this holiday season is treating everyone well. I got some over-the-ear headphones (finally!), a couple of power tools, and some perfume and bath things. (Gotta clean after I play with my tools! lol). The headphones are long overdue. I can't wear those little ones that are all the rage now. My ear canals are eensy weensy and those little buds fall right out. So, now I can listen to music, YT vids, and whatever I want while DD practices her recorder and violin (yikes). One day there will be sweet music coming from those things, but right now, she's making everyone's ears bleed.

*whispers* I can't wait for the holidays to be over. I'm so drained and having to work during the holidays is a drag. Tomorrow is DD's 10th b-day and I still haven't recovered from mall shopping from before Christmas. The places she wants to go are all in the mall...go figure.

I'll be back to my old sporadic and not post once every blue moon, self once she heads back to school next week.

Miss you all and looking forward to catching up on what I've missed!
You had better come back - don't make us come looking for you.

And what kind of power tools did you get? It was "tool'time" Christmas around my house too!

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