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Default Have any of you ever fostered a rescue dog? need advice

Hello friends! On September 15th, my mom and I rescued a 6 year old Havanese. He had been rescued from an awful puppy mill the week before. His whole life was being stuffed in a cage with at least two other dogs and taken out only to breed. When we first got him, he was so skinny! His bones stuck out and his poor little feet were splayed out from living in a wire kennel. And he walked kind of hunched over and curled around since he had never really stood up. Things like stairs, the dishwasher, grass..... all were strange and frightening to him. He had to be shaved to the skin because he was a matted mess. Incredibly, when they cleaned his teeth, none fell out.
Fast forward three months...... My mother has gone to be with a sister who has big health issues so Louie is staying with us. He has made some progress but I need help. He still is not lovable. He would spend every waking hour in his box if we let him. Although he sees our dog (who he LOVES) playing with us, he will not. Believe it or not, he was housebroken in a week. He has learned to climb up and down stairs and he plays with our dog outside in the fenced (and large..... plenty of room to run on 1/3 acre) yard but won't play with her in the house. And he is just scared of us.... We would NEVER hurt him.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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