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I'm here to share my two stories. The first one is about Midghit's first snow adventure which I said I would tell Lynn. Well, Midghit needed to go outside however there was snow piled up against the sliding glass door and when I opened it the snow stayed standing in that pile. So she decided she would jump over it. Well, I think she thought there would be solid ground behind the snow and when she landed she face planted herself into the snow. She got up and looked at me like I pushed her or something. Then began to try and walk away. The only problem was the snow was up to her mid-section. I couldn't see her legs at all. So of course she couldn't walk. She begins to hop around the yard. OMGosh it was sooo funny. Well she finally figured out that she couldn't do her business because her butt was buried in snow. I decided that she had been out there long enough (I didn't want her little paws to freeze) so I made her come in and go on a pad. I sooo wish I had a video camera it was too funny to watch this little 5 pound dog hop around. I swear she looked like a bunny.
Ok now for the story I wanted to share with Lauren. This one is about writing a company about broken items. I had purchased a frappiccino (sp) maker. I don't remember how long I had it, however, at some point the pitcher cracked. So I emailed the company and told them about the cracked pitcher. They asked for my address and sent a new one out at no charge to me. Then I purchased this same machine for Desirae' and her pitcher ended up cracking as well. So, I emailed them again and explained what happened. They sent out a pitcher for Rae' at no charge to me. Then I broke my pitcher ( this is the one they sent me) It was totally my fault for putting too much ice in. So I emailed them again. Only this time I explained that it was completely my fault and I was writing to ask how I would go about purchasing another pitcher. They sent me another pitcher .... at no cost to me. They were just awesome about the whole thing. Well, they sent me a different pitcher then the other ones they had sent and I haven't had a problem at all. So, we are just waiting for Rae's to crack so I can buy her this new version they have. It seems much more sturdier. I suppose I could just go ahead and purchase one for her. However, the only way I can order it is to email them again and I do not want them thinking I expect another one for free. So, I have been putting it off. Anyways...companies are usually pretty good about replacing an item that went faulty. If they can't send out a new item they usually give you a gift card or a coupon. So ladies, don't ever be afraid to email a company about a broken/dried up/defective etc....product.
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