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I'm furious with people who call themselves Christian and say things like this (OK, I'd be furious with anyone who said things like this - the fact that they are saying this is the way their god is disgusts me) :

Are you happy now that the shooter grew up in a school without God? #thinkAboutit
— Eric Hovind (@erichovind) December 14, 2012

Where was God? I thought God cared about the little children? (...) God is not going to go where he is not wanted. We have spent 50 years telling God to get lost. (...) We've kicked God out of our public school system and I think God would say to us "Hey, I'll be glad to protect your children but you gotta invite me back into your world first - I'm not gonna go where I'm not wanted - I am a gentleman". (...)
Back when we had prayer, the Bible, and the 10 commandments in schools we did not need guns.
--- Bryan Fischer, American Family Association[/FONT]

Doesn't it just make you want to believe? In a god that lets little children die to make a point that people aren't worshipping him enough? Oh yeah, sure.
If one is going to tell a lie, make it a big lie, tell it loudly and tell it often and eventually people will come to believe it. ~Josef Goebbels

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