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it IS art and it's more than that.

I am a teacher - and last year for all of my kiddos I made them a simple card for their birthdays. Nothing fancy - i had a 150 of them to do over the year. but it was definitely the thought that counted.

This year right at the beginning of the year, I had foot surgery, then we had a family emergency and I spent 7 weeks back and forth to the hospital with my best friend who had a heart attack. i haven't had time to pick up a stamp to make my own children a birthday card and no way have i had time to do 145 of them... so instead of hand made cards, i give them candy and a sticker...

I have 3 kiddos from last year (i taught a freshman and sophomore class last year and now i've just got sophomores, my babies moved up.) and all 3 have mentioned how much they missed the cards and seeing everyone's designs (i did a bunch of different ones so i wouldn't get bored...)

so for christmas i'm sending out a bunch of cards to my kiddos. i'm debating as to whether or not to just send it out to my "at-risk" kiddos or if i need to send them out to everyone... i had another foot surgery today and i only have 20 cards made (i had good intentions earlier this year) - i have 145 kiddos... not sure i'll get them all one - but i will get those 20 out and will try to do more.

simply because of those 3 kiddos who mentioned how much it meant to them. and how i know my christmas card might be the only thing a couple of them will get over the holidays.

what we do IS art - but it's also sooooo much more.
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