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No worries Dorothy (or anyone else!) This isn't meant to be a stressful thing or an obligation and he is getting cards . . . which brings me to a bit of an update

My friend Sharon is back from her cruise (and she had a wonderful time)!

She doesn't hear feedback on Sol anymore so I can't provide any kind of update (her relationship has always been with Gypsy but if she goes to visit she tries to look in on Sol). It has been a rough year for him too.

I want to extend huge, huge thank yous to each and every one of you who have Gypsy and Sol in your thoughts and prayers. Gypsy said he rec'd a bunch of cards while Sharon was away and he tries to describe each one to her and reads some of what we write. When she goes to visit, she gets to see them. I know that we all hear many stories of how much the cards mean to people and Gypsy is at the top of that list. He is having a very, very difficult time and is very down - our cards let him know that he is not forgotten and there are all these crazy teapotters who continue to write to him!

He is getting his mail although each envelope is missing a corner when he gets it . . . if you haven't guessed, the staff are really enjoying the stamps that you are all placing on the envelopes! Please know that I'm not saying this lightly and I mentioned to Sharon about me writing a letter to the staff but she has asked me not to. This issue was brought to the attention of the staff by Sharon's sister (she was a witness to the envelopes) and I'm not sure if it has stopped. The good news is that they aren't opening the envelopes!

While she was away, the antics have continued. They hide his clothese, they put them out of reach, they don't wash them, they strip his bed then don't come back to make it. An no, in case you are trying to give them the benefit-of-the doubt, they don't deserve it - they are doing it ALL on purpose. It is all because he dared to question the decision about not returning his wheelchair. I can't recall who it was but someone approached Gypsy and said that a lawyer said it was ok to have the geriatric assessment. I'm not sure how much I have posted about this, but they have a letter from a previous lawyer saying that Gypsy does not have to do it. They raised the issue again while Sharon was away (on purpose). We know the intent is to manipulate the results and outcome to make him look like either a crazy person or to have him labelled. I know this all sounds a bit cloak-and-dagger - please know that drama is something I'm not a big fan of . . . I'm letting you all know what I know.

Gypsy does not have his motorized wheelchair back. There is a Human Rights court date set for the spring that Sharon and Gypsy both have to attend - it is apparently a 3-day ordeal. Gypsy asked her what happens in the meantime and also if they don't get a positive result . . . she doesn't know what to tell him!

The story continues to brake my heart and Gypsy is at an all-time-low. He is pretty much a hostage there without his wheelchair and there is fear around what will happen if he moves, if they'll send him to tim-buck-too and basically if he'll be black-listed. I'm sorry that this is the update but it is.

I am trying to find out if there's a contact at a care facility that I can ask some really direct questions of to see if the above fears have foundation. The healthcare system in the area where he is, is all part of the same system so it's difficult to get honest answers from anywhere within that system.

One last thing: I made a couple of suggestions on what I could still do (who to contact, etc.) and Sharon has asked me to hold off because of this Human Rights case pending. When she speaks to the lawyer in the next few weeks, she is going to ask if there is anything we can do in the meantime or better yet, if we do anything, will it jeopardize this case. I don't think Gypsy can handle much more at this point.

As you can see, our cards really do help and really do make a difference. My mom and dad could see in the things people wrote to them, what a caring and awesome group we all are. Amen and big hugs to you all . . . Charlene
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