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Originally Posted by MiamiKel4 View Post
Darlene - cheers, sistah -- dragging here, too! I need sleep. I need more hours in the day. I need sanity!!

Maryrose, unreal that your SON made that! He's as crafty as his mama!

Jackie - hi sweetie! I am so bad with cards, too ladies .... I was always the mom that had it together, cards not only went out in a timely fashion with updated photo AND the yearly newsletter and now? Hallmark, if I'm lucky! And this year, I'm not lucky ....... I doubt mine will make it to the mail and hope for a new year's card at this rate. Two many kids commitments and December being the month to remember!

And apparently I'm a grandma, too!! My OTHER daughter has the AP Pysch class baby to tote around starting today for the next 3 weeks! a busy, non-stop, singing, performing, insanely active 15 year old with a 6 pound baby - HA! I told her "welcome to a small taste of my world!" She named her baby girl Holly Daniels ... she is a Christmas baby herself and said she always wanted to be Holly Noel ~ LOL! Guess I missed the mark on her name - ooops!

Oh ladies, could I borrow some of your prayer for my dd's classmate - Eric. He went home end of last week with an excruciating headache - blinding, debilitating and went to bed to escape the pain. They assumed migraine - we've all had them, we know how BAD they are .... and he woke up the next morning with the headache gone. And he went to school like normal to all his classes, being told by teacher after teacher "why are you here?"! Turns out he went to all his 9th grade classes ...... except he is in 11th grade!! He literally LOST 2 years! He didn't recognize his teachers, went to the wrong rooms, didn't know his own girlfriend and they thought he was playing a prank. THey soon realized he was not playing and his parents picked him up and straight to the ER they went. He has not been back to school since then I am so fearful of the news. It just leans towards something not good, and he did not have any trauma to the head or have an accident. My uncle passed from a sudden onset brain tumor and I just PRAY for good news and a good outcome. He is only 17, God bless them. I know they could use the prayer warriors today and onward through this journey.
OH MY GOODNESS KELLY... I'm speechless. I'll be thinking and praying for that young man. How weird. I hope is nothing serious.

Good morning to everyone. Very busy weekend... but our Christmas Sunday School program is done and it was a great success. All my Christmas cards are gone and I'm starting to post Birthday cards instead, although I know there are going to be a couple of last minute X-mas ones still. We decorated our tree yesterday and the house is looking good, ready to start getting together with friends.

This week is going to be busy as well. My oldest son and I are getting ready for a TKDo exam this Saturday... a long one and on Friday we have a three hours seminars to get ready. I'll be exhausted on the weekend. Still have to do some Christmas shopping... which I'm still blocked... I want to do it really special but they are not helping. They don't know what to ask Santa... Could you imagen that???. I don't know where to start . Teens are so hard sometimes. They don't know but they are expecting the best... I can't do it without some hints...

Maryrose, that sweater is hilarious!!!

It is a very neat idea to do a party like that Barb. I could use it for next year. I never bought a Christmas sweater before!!!

Kelly... 18!!! Congratulations Mama!!!. I can't picture my babies with 18 and I'm close to that!!!... well in three more years.

Ladies... have a wonderful day!!!
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