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Good morning Quackers! What a full day yesterday. Started out with a stop at the PO to get stamps, then cash a check at the bank. Off to Costco to pick up a few things including the fruit for the funeral in the afternoon. Shopping at HEB for groceries. I still never can figure out how come I spend so much $$$ there. Took all that home and then had to run over to the lady's house that was collecting the food. Got there just in the nick of time because another lady was packing all the food up to take over to my friend's house for the reception after the service.

I came home and had a few minutes to eat some lunch and work on a project that I need to have finished today. Then had to get dressed to go to the service which was very lovely. I suppose he has been cremated since there was no casket and no graveside service. They did not have children of their own, but my GF had 2 and her DD has 2 children who were like h is own grandchildren. They even had a small part in the service are are so adorable. Went to the reception after and was able to help out there, meet some people, one of whom was his business partner for 38 years. My GF's DH wrote a syndicated cartoon for the newspapers called Tank McNamara. Not sure if any of you read the comics, but I think it's in the Sunday papers. When he and my GF first got married he started another strip called Second Chances which I love to read because I knew both the people the characters were based on.

So left the service and came home. Had about an hour or so to work on my project a little more before having to go over to my other GF's house to babysit. Her DS is so adorable. He was no problem whatsoever. Loved to scoot around and walk around (holding on of course) and we played in his room for a little bit. At one point he went into the sitting area of the bathroom and pulled open the bottom drawer to see what he could find. I sure didn't want all that all over the floor so I closed the drawer and turned off the light. He didn't like that so he fussed a bit. I took him out into the TV room and turned the TV on and found a kids station. He was mesmerized! He sat there fore about 1/2 hour before I saw that he was sort of off! Time for bed! He was good about that too. Whimpered once when I turned off the light and left, but then was quiet until he heard his parents come home. I was exhausted and went right to bed when I got home.

Whew! Long story and another one coming up today.
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