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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
They always said I could take my Vicodin up til the last minute. And yeah I think Advil is okay. They don't want anything that contributes to easy bleeding.

So you have surgery next week! Will you be hobbled over the holiday or a quick recovery or what? Details, girl!
he specifically said no advil... vicodin yes i could take because it's tylenol and codeine - however, that messes with my kidneys... joys. and i'm planning on drinking some tonight - so that would be fun to mix the two together... hmmmm. where's that bottle?? haha!

i'm having the pin removed from my toe - when i popped it it's hitting a tendon and rubbing it - so permanent inflammation because of it - and he also seems to think i'm developing a touch of allergic reaction to hte stainless steel... joys.

surgery on thursday supposedly i'll be at work on friday - though i'll probably be in a heap load of pain. fun. i'll be in a semi-driving boot for 2 weeks. we have exams the next week so i can sit and prop it up no worries. no travel over the holidays - which is one of hte reasons i did the surgery when i did it - didn't want to have to deal with momster b'itching we weren't coming to see her. we were thinking of a cruise due to our 15th anniversary but couldn't figure out when or where or what to do with the girls. so surgery it is!
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