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I have not had a day like today in a very long time !! I have to share!!!!! A wonderful person here in SCS and previously in one of my swaps, sent me a large box of cards and card tops completed from swaps over the years which she never found use for. I cannot tell you how speechless I was it was totally a surprize and un-expected. after going through them I went and got my angel neighbor (she's like a grand mother to me) and we spent several hours looking, touching. feeling and examing beautiful card tops and cards sent by this person. I'm not identifing her so as not to embaress her if she didn't want that wonderful deed known to others!!!!

we are now in process of matching cardstock or paper to the card tops to complete a card (actually its my neighbor doing that) she's so excited and we will end up using every card in probally next 6 months since she gives cards to everyone in community and I have seen some wonderful stamping tecniques I never seen up close before. I am also making a journal of the way the card looks and how it looks like things were done!

What a wonderful thoughtful gift from someone who doesn't even know us very well. Truly a generous heart she is cleaning her craft room and some of those swaps were dated back to 2001 God bless her I hope she gets that craft room clean!!!!

then to complete the day a friend brought over a 3 layer chocolate chip homemade cake with a milk chocolate frosting also homemade!!!! I'm in heaven tonight it just dawned on me I forgot to tell neighbor about the cake we were so wrapped up in the paper I forgot the cake!!!!!!! oh well, quess i'll have to eat 2 peices lol

I hope your day is going as well as this has for me! I would stick piece of cake in mail to each of you but I'm pretty sure those packages would nver make it to destination (if you know what I mean) there has been a rash of hungery looking mailmen on the prowl lately!!!!!! I'm sure they would smell this cake the minute it was loaded into their truck (lol) but I will be thinking of each of you!
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