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Ladies, I sooo apologize. I have been suffering thru Murphy's Law. After everything finally settles and I have nothing but time to devote to my baby (This Challenge) and to my bestest SCS friends (y'all) my home started falling apart. First the fireplace took a **** and smoked us out of here. Then when we finally could come back this morning the furnace takes a ****. So I had no furnace and I was afraid to start a fire in the fire places. Only the back one went heywire, however, I was afraid of both of them. I didn't get to get out here at all yesterday due to the fireplace (we thought the house was on fire because of all the smoke but it wasn't thank you Jesus!!!) then today I was able to do my morning gallery and then the furnace went. We went and stayed at a friends place but they don't have internet. So...Ron finally called me back and told me what to do. I now have both the fireplaces and the furnace back. I told Dawn that tomorrow I would run to the postoffice and make the phone calls that I need to make but other than my gallery shifts I AM WORKING ON MY BABY. In fact my exact words were "Tomorrow other than the postoffice and the phone calls I have to make I am doing nothing but focusing on my baby, the Alphabet Challenge. If the house catches on fire or if we end up frozen please make sure when you pull me out you bring my laptop because I am not letting ANYTHING keep me away tomorrow. I have been promising and promising to get these points posted and because I keep breaking my promises I am going to lose all my players. And besides you they are my bestest friends. I can't afford to lose them. So please do me a huge favor and do the Walmart run." And that was that. So ladies.....I am going to swear to God(I wish y'all could see that I do have my hand reaching toward God. Well, I had to take it down to type) Ok..I just put my hand back up and said " I not only promise my friends but I am also making a promise to God and to myself that I will spend whatever amount of time I need to so that the Alphabet Challenge is back up to where it should be! I love this challenge but most importantly I love these ladies. Lord please keep them safe and healthy." So ladies...I will be back after my gallery shift tomorrow...or if I have insomnia again tonight...I will be back later. Lauren , hun...didn't you see the other challenges I put up to earn more points? The one about making a card with something that ends in O? Or do you want ways to earn points that has nothing to do with making a card? I will do whatever y'all want. Now I am going to get off of here and try to get some sleep so that I can stay out here after my gallery shift in the morning. I love yas. Big Huggs!!!
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