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Originally Posted by Tater View Post
CA, so sorry that you're having to call i Hospice but it is the best thing for your Mom and all y'all. Hopsice is fantastic; they touched base with everyone in our family, even the ones out of town! The care they helped provide was outstanding! They even sent in a masuse! She was so gentle with Mom and showed me some things I could do myself for her. they provided all the medical equipment too. When it became clear the end was near, they had already coached us on what to expect and what would happen so we wouldn't be alarmed. In the end, I'm glad they did. At first, I couldn't hardly stand listening to what they were telling me. Hospice is there for everyone. I remember one day the Social Worker came. I didn't know he was there as my back was to the door because I had kneeled on the floor and layed across Mom's bed so I could brush her hair and look into her eyes and talk. When I was finished he touched me on the shoulder and it startled me so badly I just sat to the floor on my behind!!!! All three of us had a good laugh! Then he asked what language I was speaking and I told him German. He is Hispanic but was thrilled to know another person who was bilingual. So I spoke to him in Spanish too and then Signed as well. I told him we had pretty much run through my repertwah of languages. Any how CA, I am very releaved to know you have Hospice! Continue to heal my friend!
Oh, sweet Tate! I sure appreciate your encouragement! I know. Two doctors suggested the Hospice, and I'm glad they did. I think they are even going to help us with diapers! They are so kind. I've met two of them so far. The first one was an intake worker or something. She got to meet my mom and have me sign lots of papers. She explained that, when the time comes, even if someone mistakenly calls 911, I just tell them that my mom is a Hospice patient and I should call Hospice right away instead. The second person I met was an RN, she checked my mom out. Her ox sat. was OK but her blood pressure was very low. She got all the info and explained more about the program. I can call them 24/7 with any questions or concerns. My mom didn't want to get up this morning, but she finally did and she ate breakfast. She ate lunch, too. However, she didn't want dinner. She's watching TV and will go to bed soon. I will see if I can get her to drink another Ensure. Anyway, I appreciate your love and encouragement! I've kept you in my prayers, dear sister. I know you've had a tough time, too. LYMI ~CA~
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