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Deansgal, I did a quick cost analysis of the trees and figured that each tree costs about 78 cents plus ribbon and whatever amount of adhesive you use. I bought a large bag of nuggets (mixed, not seasonal wrap) for just under $9. There were 112 pieces in my bag, so that figured to be about 8 cents each. I bought a large bag of silver(regular wrap) of kisses for the same amount, but there were 252 pieces in that bag, so each kiss was less than 4 cents. I bought a small bag of the Christmas wrapped kisses with 72 pieces and they were $2.78, so each kiss was still under 4 cents. (I was surprised by this, I thought they would average out to cost more than the large "econo" bag!) So, since you need 9 kisses and 2 nuggets per tree, that makes 62 cents for candy.If you figure the cardstock at customer cost, including tax/ship, then each piece is about 35 cents. You can make 4 trees with 2 sheets of green and 1 of brown. That averages to be about 26 cents per tree for c/s. I can't figure the ribbon because the cost of that varies and I usually do not use SU ribbon for my craft-fair items unless I simply do not have anything else that works well. I love ribbon and buy tons of it all year long. I wrapped ribbon all the way around my tree like Qbee did and tied the bow separately and stuck it on top with a glue dot. I used the same ribbon and went around the two nuggets so that they looked like a gift under the tree. The Christmas nuggets she used actually have tiny little red bows on the wrapper, but I just got the mixed bag of nuggets because I am also making them to put in the matchboxes. I will most likely charge $2.50 for them because that is all I charge for my snowmen and I don't think I would sell many at $3.00. I found them very easy to make and so I think that is a fair price for this market. We'll see by the weekend!
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